nanoFRET projects

nanoFRET Projects

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Our current and former research projects.

THERnanoSTICS (2022 - 2024): Development of Theranostic Nanomaterials for Optical Imaging in the NIR-II Window and Photoactivated Chemotherapy (WINNINGNormandy Fellowship)

Marie Sklodowska Curie

PLASMOFRET (2021 - 2023): Plasmon-Enhanced FRET for Ultrasensitive Multiplexed Biosensing


MANBAMM (2022 - 2025): Multicomponent Analysis of Nano-Bio-Assemblies using Microfluidic Modulation


MULTIPLEX (2021 - 2023): Multiplexed Fluorescence Biosensing with Semiconductor and Polymer Nanoparticles


ACTION (2021 - 2023): Advanced Diagnostic of Colorectal Cancer: Liquid Biopsy Screening Using Time-Gated FRET


FRETiculous (2021 - 2024): Lanthanide-to-quantum dot energy transfer for advanced biosensing and live-cell imaging

Region NormandieSynorg

LaPin (2020 - 2024): Lanthanide-Loaded Polymer Nanoparticles for Autofluorescence-Free In Vitro and In Vivo Biosensing and Imaging


FRET-up (2020 - 2023): Nanoparticules de conversion ascendante pour la biodétection et l’imagerie de fluorescence / Nanoparticelle in grado di dare upconversion per biosensing e imaging basato su fluorescenza (Collaboration with the University of Padova)


Nanosuspect (2020 - 2023): Nanoparticle-surface-spectroscopy – Probing nanosurface-environment interactions by Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) from lanthanide complexes to quantum dots (Collaboration with the University of Copenhagen)

Region NormandieXL ChemKU

COBRA-FRET (2019 - 2022): Détection et imagerie de fluorescence ultrasensible et multiplexé pour l’analyse des acides nucléiques (Chaire d'Excellence - Réseaux d’Intérêts Normands)

Region NormandieFEDER EU

Upbiosens (2019 - 2021): Near-infrared nucleic acids sensing and imaging using lanthanide-based nanoparticles capped with DNA (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship of Laura Francés-Soriano)

Marie Sklodowska Curie

GYNO-MIR (2017 - 2020): Place des microARN plasmatiques comme nouveaux biomarqueurs dans les cancers gynécologiques (cancer l’endomètre et de l’ovarie)


neutrinos (2016 - 2020): Nanoparticle-Enhanced Ultrasensitive Tracking of Biological Interactions by Optical Sensing


PhenX (2016 - 2020): Molecular mechanism of Phage-encoded activation of Xer recombination


QuantumDope (2016 - 2019): Doped quantum dots for photoluminescence lifetime multiplexing (PhD fellowship of Chi Chen)

University Paris-Saclay

DNA-FRET (2016 - 2020): DNA Hybridization FRET Assays for Multiplexed Diagnostics (PhD fellowship of Jingyue Xu)

China Scholarship Council

UPCON-DNA (2018 - 2019): NIR biosensing using lanthanide-based nanoparticles capped with DNA (Postdoc fellowship of Laura Francés-Soriano)

University of Valencia

PROSEQO (2016 - 2019): Protein Sequencing Using Optical Single Molecule Real-Time Detection

FET Open Horizon 2020

MultiSens (2015 - 2019): Multiplexed Homogeneous Micro-RNA Sensors and Singlet-Oxygen-Transfer Immunoassays


amplify (2017 - 2018): Multiplexed diagnostics of microRNA using ultra-sensitive homogeneous FRET detection


TR-FRIM (2015 – 2019): Time-resolved multiplexed Förster resonance energy transfers for cell imaging of protein-protein interactions based on Tb complexes and quantum dots (PhD fellowship of Jiajia Guo)

China Scholarship Council

nanohype (2015 - 2018): Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials Using Plasmonic-Enhanced Upconversion FRET for Multiplexed Sensing and Optical Barcoding


Quanticorps (2016 - 2017): Conjugaison directe entre des boîtes quantiques et des anticorps pour des immunodosages de FRET ultrasensibles

University Paris-Saclay

AMPLINOSTIC (2016 - 2017): Development of a diagnostic kit for multiplexed detection of micro-RNAs

Labex Nano Saclay

FRETimage (2014 - 2017): Terbium-to-quantum dot FRET for highly sensitive multiplexed live-cell imaging

University Paris-Sud Taiwan

DARN (2015 - 2016): Détection homogène et multiplexée de microARN

University Paris-Saclay

NanoTRAM (2015 - 2016): FRET and FLIM nanobiosensors for characterizing nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery and drug efficacy inside the cell

Labex Nano Saclay

NanoFRET (2012 - 2016): Quantum Dot-based Highly Sensitive Multiplexed FluoroImmunoAssays


OncoTrack (2011 - 2016): Methods for systematic next generation oncology biomarker development

Innovative Medicines Initiative

FRETnostics (2012 - 2016): Development of quantum dot-based time-resolved multiplexed FRET biosensors for in vitro and in vivo diagnostics (PhD fellowship of Xue Qiu)

China Scholarship Council

NanoSens (2012 - 2015): Systematic Investigations of Semiconductor Nanoparticle Dimensions and Surfaces for FRET-based Biosensing Applications


NanoCTC (2011 – 2014): Phenotypic and molecular characterization of circulating tumoral cells relying on the use of photoluminescent nanoparticles to quantify proteins and nucleic acids of interest.


NANOGNOSTICS (2009 - 2013): Quantum Dot-Based Highly Sensitive Immunoassays for Multiplexed Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease.